Paintings (Overview)

For my (and perhaps your) convenience's sake, an overview of the paintings covered so far - listed alphabetically per painter. The image above is a self portrait by Vincent van Gogh.

ABA-NOVAK, Vilmos - Laura
AFONSO, Sarah - Self portrait
ALTMAN, Nathan - Anna Akhmatova
AYRTON, Michael - Sir William Walton
BAILLY, Alice - A concert in the garden
BISCHOFF, Elmer - Bay
BOCCIONI, Umberto - Dynamism of a football player
BONNARD, Pierre - The port of Cannes
BORISOV, Alexander - Polar ice
BRAQUE, Georges - The church of Carriere-Saint-Denis
CARAMASA, Hermen - Grenadine
CEZANNE, Paul - The black marble clock
CHAGALL, Marc - The green lovers
CHAGALL, Marc - The window on the island of Brehat
CHERNOGOLOVA, Natallia - Beatty drive Congleton
CHURCH, Frederic - The icebergs
CITROEN, Paul - Portrait of Ella
CONSTABLE, John - Stonehenge
CONSTABLE, John - The lock
COROT, Jean Baptiste Camille - The four times of day
DALI, Salvador - A very long title ending in tiger
DE KOONING, Willem - Palissade
DE LEMPICKA, Tamara - High summer
DE LEMPICKA, Tamara - The kiss
DE LEMPICKA, Tamara - Portrait of Suzy Solidor
DE LEMPICKA, Tamara - Street at night
DE LEMPICKA, Tamara - The blue scarf
DE LEMPICKA, Tamara - Woman with guitar
DE STAEL, Nicolas - Le parc de Sceaux
DE STAEL, Nicolas - Les musiciens
DE STAEL, Nicolas - Mediterranean landscape
DE VLAMINCK, Maurice - The river
DE VLAMINCK, Maurice - Town on the bank of a lake
DELACROIX, Eugene - Frederic Chopin and George Sand
DELAUNEY, Robert - Tour Eiffel
DERAIN, Andre - Charing Cross bridge
DERAIN, Andre - Landscape at Cadaques
DERAIN, Andre - The river
DEYNEKA, Aleksandr - La Parisienne
DIEBENKORN, Richard - Sleeping woman
DIX, Otto - The dancer Anita Berber
DUFY, Raoul - Bird cage
ERNST, Max - The eye of silence
FEININGER, Lyonel - Carnival in Arcueil
FEININGER, Lyonel - Lady in mauve
FEININGER, Lyonel - Market church in Halle
FEININGER, Lyonel - Silent days at the sea
FEININGER, Lyonel - The high shore
FRANKENTHALER, Helen - Magic carpet
FREUD, Lucien - Reflection
FREUD, Lucien - Reflection 2002
FRIEDRICH, Caspar - Abbey graveyard in the snow
GEROME, Jean-Leone - Golgotha
GESTEL, Leo - Olive garden at Mallorca
GLEESON, James - Sky technotronics
GLEIZES, Albert - Portrait of Jacques Nayral
GORKY, Arshile - Waterfall
GROMAIRE, Marcel - La guerre (the war)
HECKEL, Erich - Glass day
HOFMANN, Hans - The gate
HOPPER, Edward - Automat
HOPPER, Edward - Chop Suey
HOPPER, Edward - Nighthawks
HULME, Frederick - Harvesting near Newark Priory
JOHNS, Jasper - Three flags
KANDINSKY, Wassily - Autumn in Bavaria
KIEFER, Anselm - Walhalla
KIEFER, Anselm - Winter landscape
KIRCHNER, Ernst - A street in Berlin
KIRCHNER, Ernst - Berlin street scene
KIRCHNER, Ernst - Dodo with a feather hat
KIRCHNER, Ernst - Elisabethufer
KIRCHNER, Ernst - Two women in the street
KLIMT, Gustav - Adele Bloch-Bauer
KLINE, Franz - Yellow, orange and purple
KOKOSCHKA, Oskar - Augustus Bridge Dresden
KOKOSCHKA, Oskar - The tempest
KRYZANOWSKI, Konrad - Portrait of Dagny Juel Przybyszewska
LEBASQUE, Henri - Woman in a white dress
LICHTENSTEIN, Roy - Drowning girl
LICHTENSTEIN, Roy - The ring
LIN, Fengmian - Four beauties
MACKE, August - Farewell
MACKE, August - Millner's shop
MACKE, August - People meeting
MACKE, August - The hat shop
MACKE, August - The red house
MAGRITTE, Rene - The lovers
MANET, Edouard - Effect of snow at Petit-Montrouge
MANGUIN, Henri - Bathing beauty in Cassis
MARC, Franz - Blue horse
MARC, Franz - Fighting cows
MARC, Franz - Foxes
MARC, Franz - Lying dog in the snow
MARC, Franz - Piggies
MARC, Franz - The bewitched mill
MARC, Franz - The mandrill
MARC, Franz - The monkey
MARC, Franz - The sheep
MARC, Franz - Tiger
MATISSE, Henri - Girl with a black cat
MATISSE, Henri - Notre Dame in the late afternoon
MATTA, Roberto - Inscape
MODIGLIANI, Amadeo - Christina
MODIGLIANI, Amadeo - Femme a l'eventail
MODIGLIANI, Amadeo - The cello player
MODIGLIANI, Amadeo - The jewess
MONDRIAN, Piet - The red tree
MONET, Claude - Autumn on the Seine at Argentueil
MONET, Claude - San Giorgio Maggiore at twilight
MORAN, Thomas - Fingal's cave
MOULY, Marcel - Boats in the lagune
MUCHA, Alphonse - Winter
MUENTER, Gabriele - Jawlensky and Werefkin
MUNCH, Edvard - Girls on a bridge
MUNCH, Edvard - Ingwer on the beach
MUNCH, Edvard - Shore with red house
MUNCH, Edvard - Summer evening
NAGEL, Patrick - Winter
NASH, John - Over the top
NEVINSON, Christopher - A star shell
NEVINSON, Christopher - Returning to the trenches
NOLDE, Emil - Autumn sea
NOLDE, Emil - Lake Lucerne
NUSSBAUM, Felix - Self Portrait with Jewish Identity Card
PAN, Yuliang - Self portrait
PECHSTEIN, Max - Rising sun
PECHSTEIN, Max - The masked woman
PENE DU BOIS, Guy - Cafe du Dome
PETERSON, Jane - Woman reading at table
PICASSO, Pablo - The bull
PISSARRO, Camille - Boulevard Montmartre at night
PISSARRO, Camille - Cottage at Auvers
PISSARRO, Camille - Snowscape with cows
REDON, Odilon - Ophelia among the flowers
REDON, Odilon - Orpheus
REDON, Odilon - The druidess
RENOIR, Pierre-Auguste - The umbrellas
RICHTER, Gerhard - Abstract 555
RICHTER, Gerhard - Abstract 686-1
RICHTER, Gerhard - Abstract Painting 809-4
RICHTER, Gerhard - Abstract Painting 858-3
RICHTER, Gerhard - Abstract 869-3
RICHTER, Gerhard - Owl
RICHTER, Gerhard - Pavillion
RICHTER, Gerhard - Sailors
ROLFS, Christian - Abstraction (Blue mountain)
ROTHKO, Mark - Orange and yellow
ROTHKO, Mark - White center
SCHIELE, Egon - Mourning woman
SCHMIDT-ROTTLUFF, Karl - Dangast landscape
SCHMIDT-ROTTLUFF, Karl - Three women at the sea
SCHMIDT-ROTTLUFF, Karl - Norwegian landscape
SEEHAUS, Paul Adolph - Lighthouse with rotating beam
SEEHAUS, Paul Adolph - Mountain town
SEEHAUS, Paul Adolph - Wiek bei Greifswald
SELIGMAN, Lincoln - Art lover
SERUSIER, Paul - The talisman
SEVERINI, Gino - Armored train in action
SHEELER, Charles - Three white tulips
SLUIJTERS, Jan - Moonlit night
SPRINGER, Cornelis - Cellebroederspoort
SPRINGER, Cornelis - Kampen
SPRINGER, Cormelis - Kampen orphan house
STELLA, Joseph - Old Brooklyn bridge
STRINDBERG, August - The town
TURNER, Joseph - The fighting Temeraire
VAN DONGEN, Kees - Lady with beads
VAN DONGEN, Kees - Le coquelicot
VAN DONGEN, Kees - Les deux Parisiennes
VAN DONGEN, Kees - Montparnasse blues
VAN DONGEN, Kees - Woman with blue hat
VAN GOGH, Vincent - Church at Auvers-sur-oise
VAN GOGH, Vincent - Langlois bridge at Arles
VAN GOGH, Vincent - Painter on the road to Tarascon
VAN GOGH, Vincent - Six sunflowers
VAN GOGH, Vincent - Stevadores in Arles
VAN GOGH, Vincent - Still life, vase with daisies and poppies
VAN GOGH, Vincent - The night cafe
VARGAS, Alberto - Girl with hat
VON WEREFKIN, Marianne - The rag collector
VON WEREFKIN, Marianne - The red city
VON WEREFKIN, Marianne - Tragic mood